If you can feel the pangs of Only Connect withdrawal symptoms already, we might have found you a solution.

The BBC Two quiz show tonight aired its 400th episode – the series 17 final.

It was Data Wizards who emerged victorious with 23 points, narrowly beating the Golfers into second place with 20, but fans are now left wondering what they are going to do with their Monday evenings from now on.

Fear not, if you can’t watch host Victoria Coren Mitchell doing what she does best, you can just recreate the show in your own home.

How to host Only Connect at home

Step 1: Find yourself a host

Choose the friend or family member least likely to make the connections and put them in charge of reading out the clues instead.

Hand them a copy of the official quiz book which promises fiendishly difficult questions from the show.

Buy Only Connect: The Official Quiz Book with a 15% discount for £11.04, via WHSmith.

Step 2: Create two teams

Gather together fellow Only Connect geeks to make up two teams of three. Give yourselves rudimentary team names based on the things you like doing or your occupations, for example.

Remember, when you choose your team members you will need people who not only have exceptional general knowledge but who have patience and are outstanding lateral thinkers too.

Step 3: Let’s play

Battle it out drawing together, making connections between things which, at first glance, seem utterly random.

Step 4: Come back next week

Of course, your Only Connect withdrawal symptoms won’t go away just like that and you may find setting up a regular quiz night is easier than facing up to how empty your Mondays are without the show.

If you find yourself running out of questions, pick up the second edition of the official quiz book.

Only Connect: The Difficult Second Quiz Book is available via Waterstones priced at £9.99.

Keep this up until the often baffling quiz returns to screens for series 18.