Pizza is a dish that remains ever-popular, whether that be in a restaurant, from a takeaway place or just frozen from a supermarket.

It even has a whole day to celebrate it, with National Pizza Day being recognised on February 9 of each year.

Understandably you may want to go and make a pizza yourself to mark the occasion, or just order in if you feel like it.

However, if you do want to go the extra mile to make it yourself, here are a few items that will help in that task.

The Argus: There are a number of items you need to make your own pizza (Canva)There are a number of items you need to make your own pizza (Canva)

What items do you need for National Pizza Day?

First of all if you are making your own pizza, creating a base for all the wonderful toppings you may want to add on later is key.

You could obviously make your own dough for this, but if you want to skip that step then there a number of places that offer pizza bases ready made.

For example, Tesco offer a two pack of sourdough bases for £1.20 and Morrisons offer Napolina Large Pizza Bases for £1.90 for a pack of two.

Meanwhile, you can get a Crosta & Mollica pizza base with tomato sauce from Waitrose for £2.20.

However, if you do want to make your own dough, then a dough scraper may be useful for this as it can cut through the dough to divide it into portions, as well as to scrape stuck dough off your work surface.

You can find a ProCook Dough Scraper for £3.50 on the ProCook website, which is discounted from its usual £5 price.

Alternatively, Ooni can also help with their own specific pizza dough scraper for £14.99.

There are also a number of other utensils that can assist in the making of the pizza.

The Argus: A number of utensils can be used to help make a pizza (Canva)A number of utensils can be used to help make a pizza (Canva)

This can come in the form of a wooden pizza peel, which makes it easy to transfer uncooked pizza onto your hot stone or baking tray.

Lakeland can offer a Ooni 30cm Bamboo Pizza Peel & Serving Board for £29.99 as part of this, or alternatively a Ooni Aluminium Pizza Peel 30cm for £34.99.

Additionally, you can save 71% on this Vogue Wooden Pizza Peel from Nisbets, which now costs just £8.49.

Finally, having an effective pizza cutter once the pizza is cooked would also be helpful.

Options include the Lakeland Ooni Rocker Cutter Pizza Slicer for £19.99, the Handy Kitchen Roller Pizza Cutter from Dunelm for £1.50, and a M&S cutter for £6.

Pizza ovens for National Pizza Day

Cooking the pizza yourself is also crucial to the process, so why not make the process that little bit more authentic with your own pizza oven?

You can get this effect with the Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven, which costs £249 with a three-year warranty.

It is fuelled by hardwood pellets, can reach 500 degrees in just 15 minutes and can cook a stone-baked pizza in help 60 seconds.

The Argus: Getting a pizza oven can make it a more authentic experience (Canva)Getting a pizza oven can make it a more authentic experience (Canva)

Plus, size isn't a problem with this either as it can fit in a 12 inch pizza if so desired.

If you want a slightly cheaper alternative then Wowcher can offer a pizza oven for just £99, although there is only one remaining on the site at the time of writing.

It can fit an 11 inch pizza in and reaches temperatures of 400 degrees.

With those items in place, you are pretty much all set to go, as the joys of making your own pizza means you can put whatever sort of toppings you want on.