Just about everyone will have come across the new internet craze, Wordle.

The word game has taken the world by storm as thousands have become obsessed with the daily challenge.

Each day players share the illusive squares of the game on social media, boasting their success or lamenting their failures.

The game involves trying to find out a daily 5 letter word in only 6 guesses, and its simplicity really took off.

As with any craze, there is now all sorts of replicas online as people can’t get enough of the daily task.

Some allow you to play more than one word in a day, others let you play every Wordle word since its beginning and all sorts of other variations.

In an interview with Slate, Wordle creator Josh Wardle said he β€œloved” seeing all the spinoffs his game had inspired.

β€œTo see people so inspired by something that you created that they want to riff on it, that’s amazing. That makes me feel so good,” he said.

One replica is seeing similar success. It doesn’t involve guessing a word by entering letters but instead guessing a country. Very aptly, this game is called Worldle.

What is Worldle and how do you play?

Worldle is played similarly to the classic Wordle with its one answer a day structure. Users must work out what the country of the day is in six guesses.

Users are presented with an outline of the country as their only clue.

After each incorrect try, you’ll be given the distance your guess is from the actual country and its proximity. Perfect for geography buffs!

Similarly to Wordle, you can add a difficulty level to the game to make it more challenging. In the settings section of the game you can choose to hide the country image and you can also add a random rotation to the country.

I.e. the outline of Spain, but it is upside down!

The game website links to the creator’s Twitter account, @teuteuf, and says it is heavily inspired by the original Wordle.

You can access the game on the website here.

The creator shared their shock at its success on Twitter, writing: β€œ10 days ago I shared my small geographical Wordle here, expecting a few friends would enjoy it... Today, we are 10k people playing it! I didn't expect that! Thanks for all the love and for the free coffee!”

You can give Worlde a try on the website here. Good luck!