Exhibitors who live in Russia will no longer be able to have their dogs compete at the Crufts dog show, The Kennel Club has said.

The group, which runs the international dog show, said the decision was made due to the "horrifying atrocities being witnessed in Ukraine" following Russia's invasion.

Crufts also announced it would be donating £50,000 to help Kennel Clubs in Ukraine who were "in need".

In a statement, Tony Allcock OBE, chairman of The Kennel Club UK, said: "The Kennel Club shares the world’s dismay and devastation at the horrifying atrocities being witnessed in Ukraine, following the invasion by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and as a result we recently announced that no exhibitors living in Russia will be allowed to compete at Crufts 2022.

"These actions are a violation of human rights that are leaving those people in our canine community, and beyond fearing for their lives and as an organisation focussed on animal welfare our hearts are also breaking for all the dogs and animals affected by this invasion.

"We will be donating £25,000 via the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, which will be matched by The Trust itself, giving a total of £50,000 to the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale), which is in a position via its network of Kennel Clubs in both Ukraine and bordering countries of Poland and Hungary, to help those breeders, owners and their dogs, who are desperately in need."

What other new Crufts rules are in place?

Further new rules in place at Crufts events include:

  • Judges licensed by the Russian/Belarusian Kennel Federations no longer being able to judge at Kennel Club shows and events.
  • Entry to all Kennel Club competitions (including and beyond Crufts 2022) will no longer be allowed by those living in Russia and Belarus.
  • Judges and exhibitors are strongly advised not to judge or exhibit at canine events in Russia/Belarus, out of respect for the current situation, and in line with Government guidance about the safety of travel and Russian qualifying shows for Crufts 2023 have been withdrawn.
  • The Kennel Club will no longer accept Authority to Compete applications from these countries, which allow oversees dogs to compete at shows.
  • Licensed shows and events will be strongly advised to no longer allow exhibitors living in Russia/Belarus to their shows, by applying the regulation of the right to refuse entry.
  • Import registrations from and exports to Russia and Belarus will be refused.