Piers Morgan has said that ITV made the "wrong call" in forcing his exit from the Good Morning Britain talk show.

Last year Morgan quit the show following his comments on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Now just over a year later he is back with a new programme on TalkTV called Piers Morgan Uncensored, which will begin airing on Monday, April 25.

Speaking to the Radio Times he discussed his departure from ITV, likening it to a "very dramatic divorce".

The Argus: Piers Morgan is returning with a new show on TalkTV (PA)Piers Morgan is returning with a new show on TalkTV (PA)

He said: "It was a sad moment for me, for the show and for my poor TV wife - I mean, it was a very dramatic divorce. And I thought the wrong call by ITV [for] the hottest show on TV.

"We'd just beaten the BBC to become the number one rated breakfast show in the country [...] so it was all a bit dramatic. But of course, what it really did was focus in one's mind as to what is free speech."

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Despite his exit, Morgan has remained in touch with his former co-host Susanna Reid, adding: "We stay in touch through texting and stuff, but it was all a bit dramatic and sad. We both felt that we have one of the great kind of on-screen chemistries and it all got ended, in my opinion, in a rather sort of silly way.

"But their loss is going to be TalkTV's gain and Piers Morgan Uncensored will fill that terrible void that you've all been feeling in the last year."

The programme will see presenters discussing news events from around the world and Morgan hopes it will encourage "freedom of speech".

He went on: "I think a democracy like ours or America or Australia, where the show will be airing, loses that sense of what free speech means and stops defending an individual's rights and opinion. So this show, I hope, and the network will be standing up for democracy!"