Fans of the TikTok viral ‘moon chair’ can once again find the product back in stock in Asda stores.

TikTok user @katie.ann.I shared her video of the chair at the start of the month exclaiming, "this is everyone's sign to go to Asda and get the £12 inflatable outdoor moon chairs. Life changing!!".

The video has since accumulated a staggering 2.5 million views and 327, 000 likes, resulting in the moon chair selling out in all 3 colours.

The ‘Ozark Moon Chair’ has soared in demand in Asda stores, with a week-on-week uplift of 431%.

Since going viral on the popular social media platform, Asda has pulled out all the stops to get the product back in stores, and lucky for those trying to nab themselves one, it’ll be arriving in shops on Monday, May 23!

An Asda spokesperson said: "For those who have been eagerly anticipating the re-launch of our infamous moon chair, we’re delighted that customers will be able to snap up the popular product from Monday. Whether it’s an occasion to relax indoors or out, this TikTok hit is the perfect addition to switch off, unwind, and enjoy the summer sunshine...all for just £12!”

Katie Ann says its luxurious flocked surface "literally feels like crushed velvet" and recommends her followers use a pump to blow up the two air chambers within its sturdy coil beam construction. Other TikTokers have called it "the best purchase of my life" and told Asda, "I need one for every room".

The popular chair is available in scarlet red, lilac and sky blue.

Grab one quickly so you can add yours to the growing number of people who are loving the chair and posting their experience on social platforms proving that the Ozark Moon Chair is perfect for everyone no matter how big your house or room.