As part of our Your Money Matters campaign, Newsquest is bringing you a Facebook group that has been created to give you money-saving advice during the cost of living crisis.

We will be sharing updates from across the country about the way that the cost of living is affecting our communities and case studies from local people.

Anybody can join the group, whether you are being affected by the cost of living crisis and you’d like support or you’d like to share your best tips and tricks to help save money during this difficult time.

We’re all in this together and with the help from this group we will be doing what we can to help make your cash go further because we know your money matters. 

Click the link below to join or search for Money Saving Tips UK.

The Argus: Money Matters Facebook promo banner

What is the Your Money Matters campaign?

Your Money Matters was launched in May this year to help you overcome the surge in the cost of living.

This year has seen a whole host of household price increases - from the energy price cap rise to surging inflation and food prices - costing your family hundreds or even thousands of pounds extra per year.

At our Newsquest titles, we’re making it our mission to look out for your cash, offering money-saving deals, competitions, giveaways and insightful stories from your community on the impact this cost of living crisis is having on our readers like you.