The annual cost of running hot baths is predicted to rise to over £1,000 this year, a water company has said.

Yorkshire Water is expecting this usual practice to go up by almost 90% to £1,023 in 2023.

The company said that although water rates have stayed the same over the last year, the cost of using it in the home has gone up due to gas and electricity prices rocketing.

Its research found that running a bath is the most expensive domestic use of water, costing £542.88 in 2022, a 79% rise since 2021 (£303.70).

Following closely behind is using a dishwasher, costing £236.60 in 2022, up from £132.68 in 2021.

The Argus: The cost of running hot baths is predicted to almost double in 2023The cost of running hot baths is predicted to almost double in 2023 (Image: Canva)

Other costs included using a watching machine going up by 95% in 2022, and an 80% increase in boiling kettles, going up from £10.37 to £18.69.

Yorkshire Water’s “Teapot Index” says these sort of costs are predicted to increase by an average of 18% in 2023 while the cost of running a bath is predicted to almost double to £1,023.

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They have suggested a few ways that households could save £700 a year amid this large increase, such as switching from three baths to five showers a week and halving showering time to four minutes.

Making sure your washing machine is full before putting a load of laundry on could also save between £66 and £124 a year, the company added.

Emily Brady, of Yorkshire Water, said: “Managing water use in the home is a great way to keep bills down.

“The environmental benefits to saving water are well known, but there are also great cost savings to reducing your usage – especially when it comes to heating water.”

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