Sky is warning customers to look out for a dangerous cyberattack that could steal your financial details.

The scam imitates a common sign-up system on Sky devices to gain access to your personal details.

Sky is warning customers to check their devices in order to stay safe.

The company explained: “Sometimes when you’re signing up for a new app on Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream, we might ask you to scan a QR code that appears on your screen. This is so we can get you set up faster."

The Argus:

The QR codes, scanned by your iPhone or Android, will take you to a website where you can then sign in.

However, Sky is warning that customers are using alternative apps to scan the QR codes, not linked to Sky, which are taking users to fake websites, The Sun reported.

Sky warned: "We’re currently seeing a problem where some customers, who are using third-party QR code scanner apps, are being re-directed to a fake website and having their financial details stolen.

"We’d advise you to only use your phone’s camera when scanning QR codes on Sky pages.

"If your phone camera does not have a built-in scanner, carefully enter the URL provided next to the QR code into your phone’s browser."