A leading vet charity has sent out a warning stating that the vast majority of pet owners have never received any pet first aid training.

The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) which provides vital treatment to pets in need, is encouraging owners to brush up on basic skills that could prove crucial.

A survey conducted by the charity also found that 80% of owners don’t own a pet first aid kit and many feel uninformed when it comes to managing common illnesses or injuries affecting their furry family members.

Additionally, 75% said they wouldn’t know how to perform CPR on their pet whilst 46% said they wouldn't be sure how to help their pet if it was suffering from heatstroke.

The Argus: Most pet owners said they would be unsure how to perform CPR on a petMost pet owners said they would be unsure how to perform CPR on a pet (Image: Canva)

PDSA provides free pet first aid guide to help

The PDSA has created a free pet first aid guide which you can download on their website here.

The guide offers actionable tips on how to spot and provide first aid for injuries such as broken bones or bleeding wounds.

It also suggests simple ways to prevent an emergency from happening, including keeping toxic human food and medications out of paws’ reach, as well as how to be prepared if your pet does become unwell or injured.

PDSA Vet, Lynne James, said: “The figures highlight the extent of the skills gap when it comes to basic pet first aid skills. However, owners often don’t realise how important first aid training is until they need it, which can sometimes be too late.

"As with humans, taking the right actions in the first few minutes following an emergency before seeking veterinary attention can make a huge difference on the outcome of the situation.

"The good news is that while it may seem like a big task, there are practical tips that owners can learn, which will help them treat and potentially save the lives of their pets.

“I’d encourage anyone who doesn’t feel confident providing treatment to their furry friend in an emergency to download our pet first aid guide, which includes a host of resources that could prove vital."