A Labour MP who has been suspended for allegations of sexual harassment also "boasted" about bringing sex workers into the bar at Parliament, colleagues have claimed.

Geraint Davies, who is the MP for Swansea West, is facing allegations from five women of having subjected them to unwanted sexual attention, both verbal and physical.

One of these women is an MP and one was just 19 years old at the time of the incident.

Davies, who was first elected in 1997 to represent Croydon Central, said he did no recognise the allegations and that if he had “inadvertently caused offence to anyone, then I am naturally sorry”.

Alongside this, a Labour MP and a Labour peer have told Sky News that it was "well-known" in Westminster that Davies would take sex workers to one of the Commons' bars and "show them off" on the terrace outside.

The Argus: A Labour MP has said Mr Davies took sex workers into one of the bars at ParliamentA Labour MP has said Mr Davies took sex workers into one of the bars at Parliament (Image: PA)

The initial report of the allegations against Davies was made in Politico, which reported that more than 20 people who had worked with the MP described a pattern of drinking, sexual comments, and inappropriate touching by Davies aimed at younger women.

Geraint Davies described as an 'a sleazy man'

Speaking to Sky News after the party suspended Mr Davies, one Labour MP said: "He would openly boast about bringing escorts and prostitutes onto the terrace and show them off."

They said party officials had warned him to stop doing it at the Parliament bar, but no formal complaints had been made against him, adding: "They can't take any action over hearsay."

The Argus: Mr Davies has been described as a 'wrong 'un' and a 'sleazy man' by a Labour peerMr Davies has been described as a 'wrong 'un' and a 'sleazy man' by a Labour peer (Image: Chris McAndrew/UK Parliament/PA)

The claims were backed up by a Labour peer from the House of Lords, who saw him on the terrace with young women, and said there was always talk of him "favouring Eastern Europeans".

The MP described Mr Davies as "a wrong 'un" and "a sleazy man", saying: "He would look you up and down, make lewd comments and touch you around the waist when he came up behind you."

They added it was a "pattern of his behaviour" and that they were pleased the allegations had come to light.

Labour suspended Mr Davies from the party and urged those who had been impacted by his behaviour to make a formal complaint so they could carry out an investigation.