Christopher Nolan is a well-known Hollywood writer and director, who is getting set for the release of his latest movie Oppenheimer in the UK tomorrow (July 21).

Nolan has become world-renowned for movies including Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Inception, Dunkirk and The Prestige, just to name a few.

But what people may not know is he is one of three brothers. 

One brother, Jonathan, wrote and directed popular Hollywood movie Interstellar with Nolan. 

But the story surrounding Nolan's third brother - Matthew, is something you might read in a Hollywood script.

The Argus: Oppenheimer is due for release in the UK on Friday, July 21.Oppenheimer is due for release in the UK on Friday, July 21. (Image: PA)

The story of "hired killer" Matthew Nolan

Matthew Nolan, is the eldest of the three brothers who were all born in London to parents Brendan and Christina. 

He is married, to wife Erika, and the pair have two children Parker and Peter.

While Christopher and Jonathan forged paths into the movie industry, Matthew decided to make his name in business

But it's his link to the "contract killing" of an American financier, and the constant allegations he was a "hired killer" that form the Hollywood-like story.

According to a story in the Daily Mail the accusations aimed at Matthew came from Costa Rican authorities when they filed an extradition request to a US court.

The case was heard by the Illinois Federal Magistrate back in 2009.

The order said that Nolan was a ‘hired killer’ contracted to kidnap and torture American accountant Robert Cohen, 63, while he was on a trip to the Central American country.

Cohen’s body was found badly beaten near the coast of Costa Rica in 2005.

The court at the extradition hearing was told Nolan was "hired" by Florida millionaire gem dealer Robert Breska to reclaim lost money from Cohen and used the code name Matthew McCall Oppenheimer

But the American justice system refused to extradite Nolan on kidnapping and murder charges, ruling that Costa Rica had not submitted sufficient evidence that Nolan was a "person who kills".

Nolan, who was being held in Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, was released and remains a free man. 

But not everyone agrees with this decision.

The Costa Rican authorities have previously told the Daily Mail they consider the case still ‘active’ and want to put Nolan on trial.

While the victim’s daughter, Alisha, wants Nolan to face court in Costa Rica.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Alisha said: "I think that judge was wrong to rule that there was not enough evidence to go ahead with extradition because I think the evidence was strong.

"My mom and I want justice. We believe Matthew Nolan should stand trial in Costa Rica for the murder of my father.

"I believe that, if Nolan was not from a famous family, it would be a different situation."