Temperatures could reach 22C in October, as the UK is set for some dry and sunny weather following Storm Agnes.

Storm Agnes was named by the Met Office on Monday (September 25) as it warned of possible 'danger to life' in some parts of the country.

Gusts of up to 80mph are predicted for some areas of the country, with torrential rain and flooding also possible.

But following the battering of Storm Agnes, the outlook looks much better for parts of the UK according to the latest forecasts.

Alex Burkill, forecaster at the Met Office, said some models are showing dry and settled spells for the start of October.

He told the Mirror: “The jet stream should have pushed a bit further north and there is also high pressure building across Europe and that is likely to dominate our weather particularly across the east and south east.

“So it could make things pretty settled and perhaps even warmer here albeit always you have to remember across north and north west of the UK there is something changeable.”

He added that while some models disagree, one predicted above averages temperatures in the capital cities across the UK.

Speaking about the outlook for Edinburgh in particular, he said: “There is fairly good agreement it is more likely temperatures will be a bit above average for the time of year.”

This is what the Met Office is predicting from Monday, October 2: “Monday will bring patchy rain and a cloudy day to the south, elsewhere generally a day of sunny spells, with a risk of showers and stronger winds in the north.

“As the period progresses, it is likely to be more unsettled with some rain and stronger winds to the north, although with drier conditions further south.

“This broadly changeable setup is likely to continue, with possibly some lengthier drier interludes between systems, particularly in the southeast, and close to average temperatures but the potential for some chilly nights.

“Towards the end of this period there is a possibility of a more widely settled spell developing, at least for a time, with temperatures likely to be above average overall, though still with some cool nights and morning fog patches.”

While the forecaster gives this outlook for the second half of the month from October 12 to October 26: “A slowly evolving weather pattern is considered more likely through this period, though with a typical mix of settled and unsettled spells of weather.

“Within the more settled periods it is possible that northern parts will receive below average rainfall, with the south possibly receiving above average rainfall.

“Temperatures are more likely to be above average than below average overall, but with chilly nights in settled conditions.”