THEY are a fond memory from our school days and they are still helping children cross the road safely now.

Introduced in the 1950s, lollipop ladies and men are a mainstay of the school commute for parents and pupils alike.

Today’s Timeout takes a look back at some of Sussex’s lollipop people in the 1980s.

Harry Hatcher is pictured, left, posing with his sign next to a smiling girl.

The photo was taken outside Downs Junior School in Rugby Road near Fiveways in Brighton, in 1987.

At Furnace Drive in Crawley, close to St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School, lollipop lady Christine Cook helps children cross the road in 1985.

Also pictured here is a line-up of seven joyful-looking lollipop ladies and men posing with a woman who seems to be wearing a zebra crossing costume.

The photo was taken in 1987 in an unknown location.

Can any of our readers tell us any more about it?

Tom Bishop was another popular lollipop man.

He pictured here with eight schoolchildren in 1988 – where you among them, by any chance?

Mary Molyneux and Lynda Chapman are also pictured today posing with a lollipop in 1983.

Clearly a very popular lollipop lady, Rose Ebers is surrounded by children who are supporting the campaign to keep her in 1988.

Joan Thomason, far left, is joined here by five children, all with their arms raised.

The photo was taken at Balcombe Church of England Primary School in Haywards Heath in 1987.

Do you recognise any of these lollipop people, or did you attend any of these schools in the 1980s?