OPPONENTS of a planned housing development say they have been denied a chance to speak at a council meeting.

The scheme for 450 homes Lower Hoddern Farm in Peacehaven comes before Lewes District Council’s planning committee on Monday.

More than 1,000 residents have objected to the plan.

But the site is “allocated” for development in the Lewes Core Strategy and officers have recommended approval, meaning it is highly likely to go ahead, despite opposition.

Lesley-Anne Brennan, who lives in nearby Trafalgar Close, told The Argus she called the council repeatedly asking for the opportunity to speak in opposition to the plans.

She said she called on Monday and was told she could not apply to speak until Wednesday but when she called on Wednesday was told all speaking slots were taken.

She said: “I notice they have made the meeting at 5pm when most people who would like to have spoken will be at work.

“I feel they are trying to push it through without listening to people like myself who don’t want this scheme to go ahead without the proper infrastructure.”

A spokeswoman for Lewes District council said the authority had no record of Ms Brennan’s phone call.

All the speaking slots have been taken.

Three members of the public will be speaking in favour, three will speak against and also speaking will be a Peacehaven town councillor and one of the ward’s Lewes district councillors.

The application, submitted in March, seeks full planning consent for 143 homes and outline planning for two later parts of the scheme, totalling 307 homes.

Forty per cent of the homes would be affordable meaning 180 flats, starter homes and large family homes being made available for affordable rent or shared equity.

The plan has sparked objections from neighbours and others.

The NHS – in the form of High Weald Lewes Havens Clinical Commissioning Group – wrote: “The impact of the population increase from an additional 450 houses is likely to cause great pressure on both [GP] practices, in terms of physical and clinical capacity and could potentially destabilise the existing primary care services in Peacehaven.”

The Peacehaven Focus Group agreed more doctors’ surgeries were needed and the group listed a string of concerns over traffic.

The Ramblers’ Association has said the housing estate would have an “adverse visual effect” on the South Downs, which are next to it.

A petition from 285 signatories says the plan will badly affect traffic and has too few doctors’ surgeries.