OWNER, manager, cook and cabaret performer extraordinaire, Jean Jacques Jordan was an icon of Kemp Town’s food scene for four decades.

Many will remember the Laughing Onion restaurant, perhaps not for its food – which was always French fare from the Seventies (think chicken provencale, cassoulet and snails) – but for its atmosphere.

A man named Harry would sit at the piano and play a selection of jazz lounge classics, while Mr Jordan would make his music in the kitchen, cooking up dishes for guests until the final dessert was served, at which point he would himself take centre stage.

Situated at 80 St George’s Road, the restaurant served entertainment with entrees for 30 years from 1976 until its closure in 2006.

The walls of the Laughing Onion were adorned with images much like ours today, showing Mr Jordan in various places during his performing career.

He met many celebrities in his lifetime, including American jazz singer and band leader Cab Calloway and jazz legend Sidney Bechet. He even took to the stage at the Moulin Rouge.

Do you remember visiting the restaurant? What more can you tell us about it, or Mr Jordan?

Brighton has been the long-standing home of the Mod movement, with people from all over the world travelling to the city for the annual Brighton Mod Weekenders.

Today we have two photographs which show just how popular scooters were back in the Sixties.

Lambretta and Vespa scooters are still very much in fashion, with retro models incredibly sought after.

Did you ever own one?

Our images show Hove and Portslade road safety organiser Normal Trow and Superintendent J Tobin of the RAC with young scooter riders.

Do you recognise any of the people shown?

Our final image shows young riders taking their scooter test in Brighton in 1964.

Were you one of them?