Thousands of small businesses from all across the country have stepped up to the plate this half-term to ensure that every schoolchild has food on the table. 

Marcus Rashford’s campaign to ensure that every schoolchild has food during the school holidays has captured the hearts and minds of local businesses all across the country. This is no exception for our local businesses in Henfield, who have been supporting Rashford’s calls to ensure that every child has nutritious food to eat this half-term.

Kebab Knight, a takeaway business in Henfield, is just one of these businesses. They have been offering a child’s portion of rice and chicken or a child’s pizza throughout the entirety of this week. They say that they “are committed to caring and supporting families in need in Henfield and surrounding areas”. Additionally, this weekend they will be donating £1.00 from every food order to local food banks.

Another one of these extraordinary businesses is Goodness Henfield - they say that “we’re seriously concerned about the very real possibility of children going hungry this half-term”. They add that “we have teamed up with Henfield Chiropractic Clinic to provide any local family in need with healthy lunch boxes and real fruit smoothies”.

Relish is a local Café in Henfield high street. The café’s owner, Alison Egan, says that they are offering a free in-house and delivery service - both lunch and dinner - for those who are in need. Alison said that “hardworking people are victims of the coronavirus… and I absolutely want to help those people in any way, shape or form we can”. Alison added that she’s hoping that more people will take up Relish’s offer - “we are people who are happy to help out”.

The George, a local pub in Henfield, has been giving out 20 meals a day during the half-term break. The pub’s owner, Chris Edworthy, says that “we are part of the community” which is why they have felt so passionately about Rashford’s campaign.

These are just a few of the many local businesses in Henfield and the surrounding areas which have been donating food to hungry children throughout the half-term holidays. 

This story shows that amongst the doom and gloom of a global pandemic, we really have seen the best of our small businesses - stepping up to the plate, to support our local people and community.