Greening Steyning is an environmental activist group of local people from across Steyning, Bramber and Upper Beeding. 

Geoff Barnard, Co-Chair of Greening Steyning, told me that the aims of the 2030 Project are to “work with others to make Steyning, Bramber & Beeding one of the greenest, happiest and most sustainable communities in the country”.

In order to achieve this ambitious target, they have defined four action points which they believe are areas of real local interest: Biodiversity, Homes & Energy, Green Consumer and Transport.

Greening Steyning has launched a survey in order to “reach out, engage people and get a multiplier effect to make a difference”.

They received over 450 respondents from a wide range of age groups. Bronwen Lankers, a member of the Green Consumer and Transport Action Groups, says that they were “so excited to see the survey” as this was the “real platform” for their immediate aims and long-term objectives.

The survey “tested people’s reactions to 40 different ideas on how we could make Steyning a greener and more sustainable place. We got people to look at 2030 and say, what do we want the future to look like?”. Geoff says that “the degree of consensus was striking” to see - 34 of the ideas achieved an approval rating of over 70%. Geoff believes that these results show that there is a “real appetite for change” and they now have a “mandate” to transform the future of the local community.

With these results, the 4 working groups have started to focus on encouraging “small changes” within the local community. For example, the Biodiversity Group has recently launched a Garden Survey, where residents can learn about the different species and plants in their garden.

Ultimately, the climate crisis is not only a threat to the world’s climate but one which risks the happiness and security of the human race. This imminent challenge is shared by all - local initiatives, such as Greening Steyning, are an important component in uniting local communities and achieving a happy, green, safe future for all.