Recently my grandparents have received both doses of their COVID vaccine and seem to be feeling more confident with their lives, I asked them a few questions on how they felt before and how they feel since having it.

How did you feel during the peak of the pandemic?

It was devastating because of our ages we knew we had to follow the stay at home guidelines that were issued by the government. No matter how we felt and we realized how lucky we were previously as we never thought a day would come that we would not freely be able to walk to our local coffee shop or take our caravan to our favorite destinations. We felt that this was worse than the war years, as at least in the war years you were not restricted to the house.

How did you feel when you received your phone call from the GP to get your vaccine?

We were in one of the first groups to get the vaccine and we were very glad when we could get to the GP surgery to have the jabs. After the jab it gave us more confidence to go out as we were having to rely on neighbors and family to do our shopping. It was nice to have our independence back but during this time our confidence and coming to the reality that you are vulnerable is not a nice feeling.

How do you feel now you have both received your 2nd jabs?

We feel indestructible but we are aware that there is still a possibility that we can be carriers of COVID. We think the Government has achieved a great job with the roll out and amazed that the scientists have managed to invent a vaccine so quickly. Our confidence is gradually returning since the lockdowns but it’s sadly taking longer than we expected to get back to some degree of normality. It’s lovely to be able to see our family and friends again now but it will take some time to feel comfortable in surroundings that we previously gave no thought to. .