Most people within this current age live in urban areas. This means that many people almost exclusively encounter birds such as pigeons, crows or sparrows. Humans have assisted in these species adapting to urban settings by providing a source of food and shelter. They are often the most commonly seen birds and can be overlooked because of their abundance. Some of these birds can be known to be incredibly intelligent as well as have their own quirks.


Crows, for example, are able to remember humans and their actions, solve basic numeracy puzzles and in some cases, use tools such as twigs to help them in finding food. It is possible to befriend a crow by earning their trust and in return they will give small objects as a symbol of that trust. Another bird would be the unpopular pigeon. Pigeons are usually considered pests by many but they can also be known to be quite smart. Pigeons, like crows, are able to solve puzzles and tell themselves apart from other birds. They were once used to spy and deliver messages to people, making them reliable because they always knew how to return home. This is because of their internal compass which is typically found in many migratory birds.


But if you’ve seen enough of these species,There is one intelligent species quickly increasing in numbers. Ring necked parakeets have adapted well to urban settings, acting as a pleasant surprise because of their charming personality and striking colour. Ring necks are characteristically bright green in colour and whilst they appear to stand out, these parakeets  can camouflage very well within the tree’s leaves.


Many birds which you encounter in your day to day life can have some unique surprises, whether it's their unique behaviour or incredible intelligence, it's occasionally worth watching some of these birds interacting with each other or  their surroundings. You might even have the chance to befriend a crow or ringneck.