The new ice rink in Horsham has had hundreds of visitors within its first few weeks of being open.

The ice skating rink (the rink) has had many different visitors. From beginners to experienced skaters, this location is ideal for anyone who wishes to have a good time! The structure is a marquee, with the rink and a café so that whatever the weather, you can enjoy a lively, cosy atmosphere, whether skating or not.

Holly Filson, who is an amateur skater and has visited the rink on several occasions, has said: “ The staff were always ready and eager to help people back up when they fell and were enthusiastic.” She also said, “I think the price is perfect and the length of the sessions are just enough for you to not get bored!”

When I visited the rink, my whole experience was relaxed. Apart from the first pair of shoes I got were broken - of which this problem was promptly fixed -  I had no issues with anything. I would suggest this ice rink, as with any, is not appropriate for those under the age of 5. The main age group being teenagers and young adults, although staff are very accommodating to all. They do have aids for younger children (called penguins) and these just prop you up, making it easier to skate.

Overall, I would say that Horsham Ice rink is one of my favourite places to get you into the Christmas spirit, and would thoroughly recommend this to anyone!

By Lucy Hobden, from Millais Secondary School.