This time of year is perfect for marshmallows, bonfires and, most importantly, fireworks! How do we stay safe during this time, and what firework displays are the best ones to go to?

As someone who is very fond of fireworks, I have my experience of being burnt by sparklers and being maybe a bit too close to a Catherine wheel, so how do we prevent injuries during this season? Firstly, when using sparklers wear gloves. Not only does this prevent you from touching your own burning sparkler, but other people knocking into you with theirs. In addition, try to have a 5m distance from fireworks if they are designed for home use, and 25m if they are for display.

So what are some of the best shows to see in the Horsham area? Well, I visited the Cricket Club Fireworks to see what they were like. I found that the food stalls were very nice and ranged from pizza to hot dogs. To accompany the fireworks, there were fairground attractions, including an inflatable slide that is very appropriate for children. One person said, “The fairground rides are perfect for the younger children, and the fireworks are amazing!” I also know from last year that The Holbrook Club fireworks are also good for families with younger children and groups as they have a park for the young ones and a pub for the adults. Out of these two different shows, I’d say the Cricket Club Fireworks were better, due to the display being longer, but if you are going with children then The Holbrook Club is the way to go.

I wish you all a safe and fun-filled time with fireworks this Autumn!

By Lucy Hobden, Millais Secondary School.