Girl Guiding UK celebrates Rainbows’ 30th Anniversary in Sussex by having a party full of fun activities for Rainbows to enjoy from across the county.

Girl Guiding is the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK and has been around for over 100 years. It gives girls many opportunities to do things they couldn’t have done ordinarily. The party was located at Tanbridge House School, Horsham, where roughly 100 Rainbows (age 5- 7) attended to take part in activities such as crafts, dancing and entertainment.

Firstly the Rainbows did firework night themed crafts that ranged from creating pop up fireworks, paper rockets or just simple colouring. The girls were given enough time to do all of these which meant they had lots of things to take home. It was definitely one of the more favoured activities available. Following the crafts, the next activity was using the Dance mats. Everyone paired up and danced to the moves on the screen and laughter filled the room as they tried to move their feet at the correct times. Lunchtime soon came and the canteen was decorated with all the party necessities: balloons, party hats and packed lunches. Soon after we were off to see Magic Man, who was exceptionally funny for the youngsters. He mastered an arrangement of tricks which did not fail to impress. Finally, the Rainbows played many different traditional games which got them running around, not to mention laughing.

The entire day was excitable, creative and active. Every single person had fun, even the leaders! To finish, cake was given – the perfect way to end such a memorable day.

Emma Lomas, Millais School