New Ice Skating Rink in Horsham Park.

Horsham Outdoor Events had an ice skating rink in the Camping World Site on Brighton Road last year for Christmas and have decided that as it did so well up there, why not bring it down into the heart of Horsham and place it in the park instead. Seems logical and means families don’t have to go as far to join in with the fun, but some people don’t quite agree with it.

Some people believe that it will destroy the park and is not necessary. It is being placed just to the side of the Pavilions pool, where the volleyball court is. Some say that the volleyball court has never really been put to proper use. The sand wasn’t great, and it was a huge waste of space, so why not place something there that will be used well and will gain customers attention.

The organisers are promising a ‘huge real ice rink, fully covered for use in all weathers’ which is great news as it means everyone can use it even when there is typical British weather too. I spoke to a friend who had gone when it opened. She said, “The staff there are friendly and polite. It’s a pleasant atmosphere and it’s a great place to hang out with your friends and the café is amazing!”

Teenagers love it, and many go after school just to chill, and hang out with their mates. Let’s hope it only continues to progress in popularity and that the whole of Horsham and those who live outside will enjoy it too.