Worthing High School lays wreath in London for Remembrance Day.

Worthing High School, a local school, took part in the Remembrance Day commemorations in their own way. The school was given the opportunity to lay a wreath up in London, and I spoke to their headteacher to hear what it was like.

At eleven o’clock, the whole of Worthing High School came to a standstill for two short minutes as they paused to reflect on and remember those who fought for our freedom. The Last Post sounded out over the school grounds as the students stood and paid their respects to the men and women who fought so bravely for us. However, this wasn’t the only way they remembered. On Remembrance Sunday, three teachers and eight students travelled up to London to lay a wreath for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. They were one of only five schools, primary, secondary and of further education, to partake in these celebrations, and their head, Mr Panayiotou, said that it was a humbling experience for all those involved. Both his Father and Grandfather fought in conflicts, and he feels it is important that we are taught how to remember and commemorate those that paid the dearest price for us.

Worthing High School were given this opportunity because Mr Panayiotou knew the head of the Western Front Association from a previous school, and he said they were “delighted we’d approached the organisation”, and the school leapt at the “great opportunity”. The head commented that you never really comprehend the magnitude of what it means until you lay that wreath, and all of Whitechapel is silent, and it is so humbling. Laying the wreath enabled the school to show their appreciation and thanks in their own way, and give something back to the fighters, no matter how small.

Mr Panayiotou hopes that “by remembering what’s gone on in the past, you hopefully allow for a better future”. This sums up why Remembrance Day is such a key part of our yearly calendar, teaching children to remember what has happened in the past, to commemorate it and to stop and reflect. Worthing High School showed what that’s all about, and demonstrated their thanks on this important day.

By Josh Farley, Worthing High School.