That’s right Harry Potter fans, there is now a shop in Brighton, 42 Trafalgar street, that sells Harry Potter merchandise. It opened on 11th November, and loads of people came to see it open its doors.

It opened at 12, but by 11:40 there was an extensive line, which only got bigger and was going down the street. People were dressed in one of the four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Some wore robes, scarfs, badges, t-shirts with harry potter quotes and some even had their hair dyed to what house they were in. Everyone was excited to see what the store had to offer, and the light rain didn’t ruin anyone’s moods.

The staff let a few people go in at a time as it is a small shop, and whilst waiting, I spoke to a member of staff about the shop and about the application process. Oliver asked for people to send in an answer to this question: What would you wish for and why? You had to do it in a creative way and one person even dressed up as an owl and delivered it just like a post owl would. Many wrote what they would wish for and it gave people a chance to show Mr Dall their creativity before he hired them.

Inside it looked like an authentic shop you would find in Diagon Alley and it held quite a bit of merchandise, including broomsticks, chocolate frogs, the books, charms, necklaces and so much more! As it was their first day opening they had treats for all customers that came. They were giving out jellybeans which are the Harry Potter Bertie Bot’s Every Flavoured Jelly Beans and they had made cupcakes with purple icing and a bunny which is the shops' mascot as Oliver has a pet rabbit Luna, who is very cute and fluffy!

Overall, this shop was worth it! It was a great day and the staff are nice plus the merchandise could be a great gift for any Harry Potter fan. Plus they are currently doing an event in which every product purchased from the shop, they will donate £1 to the Brighton's Homeless. Any tips will also be donated and the money raised will go towards supplies such as sleeping bags, plastic cups, plates, cutlery, sauce, sugar, fuels and other running costs. So go to Oliver's Brighton today and not only buy something great, help the homeless too!

Oliver's Brighton is not affiliated with the Harry Potter franchise, J.K. Rowling or Warner Bros