On the 4th November, Rainbow groups from all over Sussex joined together to celebrate the associations 30th birthday party at Tanbridge House school in Horsham. More than ten divisions attended the party from across the county, along with leaders and volunteers to help ensure the day runs smoothly.

Girls participated in a round- robin style of activities; one of the most popular being the use of dance mats to create friendly competition amongst the girls and leaders. Other activities included firework themed crafts full of vibrant colours and new skills , traditional games and a magic show. At midday the Rainbows sat for lunch in a canteen decorated from head to toe of colourful party decorations.

I talked to Emily Harlington, a volunteer at the party, what she thought of the event. “I love seeing all the Rainbows together, especially having fun like this. I think it is great to help out like this at these kinds of events and I think it’s great we have the chance to do something like this.”

Rainbows is the youngest section of Girlguiding in the Uk. It began in 1987 with Lynsey Hickling being the first to take part.  The Guiding (or Girlguiding) network was first set up in 1909, bringing together young girls to complete badges in areas such as sailing, home electronics and aviation. It became a vital life line during World War 1 and 2 where members dedicated themselves to volunteering and fundraising for the war effort, eventually totalling over £50,000 in 1940. Today Girlguiding continues to inspire and give young women opportunities many would otherwise be forced to miss out on.

Interested in getting your daughter or yourself involved in the many opportunities of Girlguiding? For details on how to become a volunteer or a member, take a look at their website and let the fun begin!

By Eleanor Fitter,  Millais School