The winter air has come around again, and what better way to celebrate a season of, joy, gifts and family with ice skating!

Horsham has once again brought back the ice rink, much to everyone’s delight. The rink has been open since the 20th of October and closes on the 28th of January next year; however the location of the rink is now right next door to the Pavilions in the Park leisure centre. This has made the ice rink more accessible as well as more noticeable to members of the public.

As soon as you enter the premises, winter spirit fills the air. Depending on when you have booked your time, the queue to get your skates can take from getting them instantly to waiting for over ten minutes. Once you have got on the ice, music blasts out and everyone’s faces light up. There are staff on the rink at all times, ready to help anyone who falls over. Generally the ice rink is predominantly filled with kids but there are some adults too. A wide range of skating abilities all enjoy the skating whether it’s a family trip out or a quick session to improve your skills, the Horsham ice rink does not fail to impress.

When I visited the ice rink, everyone was glowing with joy and there was a great atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this ice rink to anyone, whether they can skate or not. Besides the ice rink there is also a café for those who choose not to skate. The staff are very friendly and the tickets are well priced. If you want a local activity to get in to festive spirit then this is the perfect choice for you!

Emma Lomas

Millais School