During the winter months Horsham has a temporary ice rink, last year it was found at camping world, but this year it was in the park next to the Pavilions leisure centre.
What I really liked about the ice rink was despite the fact we live in a society separated by our age; which is something that dictates what we do and where we go, and that separates us and changes the activities that we take part in in this small ice rink in the park I saw people from lots of different ages and backgrounds taking part in the same thing together.
However at this time of year when money is usually a little tight I found the prices to be quite high. It was £7.95 for children and £9.75 during peak times, which includes the holidays and the weekends. For me and my friends, we found it to be a stretch to pay nearly £8 each for a small temporary ice rink next to the Pavilions leisure centre.
The ice rink is open till the 28th of January and its open 10:00 till 21:00 every day. Also it has plenty of opportunities for people to learn to skate whether you want to take part in courses or single lessons, as well as it being a great activity to take part in during the winter.