For most, the lead up to Christmas is the most exciting bit of the holidays, but what about the week in between Christmas and New Years? The same as most, mine is spent lounging around, eating leftovers and sleeping for the majority of the week. The whole week is everyone waiting to improve themselves in the New Year. This absence of activity is widely known as the ‘Crimbo Limbo’.

This Crimbo Limbo is a time of eating all the food distant relatives have bought you because they don’t know what else to get. How to fill up time during this week may seem a mystery, so I am here to help. A few activities one can participate in to make time pass are: Hiding from relatives, crying over ‘Love, Actually’, eating all the leftovers in sight and lounging around in Pajamas all day. On the other hand, some things NOT to do during this time is talking about politics, to come in the New Year.

It may seem like a mystery to as to why we have this ‘Crimbo Limbo’. Why not just scrap this week and go straight into 2018? In my opinion, we need this week to catch up on all the episodes of Eastenders and Emmerdale that we’ve been putting off watching all year. When else would you be able to eat all the food you want without feeling a shred of guilt because you’re telling yourself that you won’t eat as much next year.

I hope you have a good Crimbo Limbo!

By Lucy Hobden, Millais School.