Homelessness in Horsham during the Christmas period has risen. In the UK, it is said that one in every 200 people are homeless. People often see or think that people are homeless because they put themselves there when actually that may not be true.

At the beginning of December, my school (Millais School) went to the salvation army in Horsham where we had gotten year 10 and 11 to donate non-perishable food or toiletries for this charity. After school, I and a large group of volunteers went to take them down and we began to organise them into food groups.

Then in the next room, we sorted out toys for children that are in foster care. We sorted these toys by age and gender so when the social workers went it was easy for them to pick up a toy or two for the foster family they are working with, and whatever was left they keep for the following year. 

With the food, we had to make packages for families that cant get much during this time of year and within these packages, we had food to feed them for the month. Overall, we made about 20 packages to give to families, that was 20 families lives we were changing during this season and I began to wonder about the other families or homeless people that find this time of year harder than the rest of us. They might not be able to get their children the toy they wanted or put a Christmas dinner in their bellies but by helping out this little bit, it made a huge difference to them.