One of the things I love the most about England is “street music”. In the centre of Crawley, one could usually see a musician or two strumming soulfully in front of a crowded shop while people are passing by, probably fretting about the amount of shopping still to be done. I usually stop by, even for a couple of seconds, to listen to these artists, whose music always make my day better. It’s on one of these occasions that I met Tim Newman – a youngster my age with a beautiful voice and big dreams ahead. I asked him if I could write about him, as I thought that his story was definitely worth sharing… And he agreed!

YOUNG REPORTER: When did your passion for music start?

TIM NEWMAN: Well, I grew up around my older brother, Fraser, who used to listen to a lot of music -  so I was listening to Michael Jackson and U2, which kind of sparked an interest in music, as well the passion and determination in me from an early age. I started busking when I was 13, and now I play in Church and Christian events, as well as in gigs.

Y.R.: What are your greatest achievements so far?

T.N.: I played some gigs at the Ambassador of the USA in the UK, which was an amazing experience! I also played in Borough Market - one of my dream spots - and did some writing sessions with some cool people.

Y.R.: What are your favourite artists?

T.N.: My favourites are James Bay, Passenger, U2, One Republic and Jon Bellion.

Y.R.: Is there any genre of music that you particularly identify with?

T.N.: Not necessarily…I like a wide range of music, to be honest.

Y.R.: Any plans for 2018?

T.N.: Yes, I am planning to make a lot of original music, as well as covers, while also trying to advance within social media through videos, vlogs and more. I also intend to create some new designs for my fashion line (Chosen Clothing) which I will promote on social media as well.

Y.R.: I know that you started having music as a full-time job after finishing your GCSEs. What advice would you give to other young people that are aspiring to a career in music?

T.N.: I would tell them “Just do it! Go for it! It’s an amazing experience that you will never regret!”.

You can support Tim by watching his videos on his YouTube channel or by follow him on social media. Congratulations for all your achievements and good luck in the future, Tim!

By Ioana Staicu, Oriel High School