The Argus:

For 19 years the National Theatre has run the Connections drama festival to bring drama groups and theatre companies together across the country. One of the plays being put on is The Changing Room, which is being put on by schools and youth groups. It’s a story of growing up and becoming an adult by playwright Chris Bush. This abstract piece aims to remind parents what it’s like to be a teenager and to try and explain what’s going on in young people’s heads.

One of the schools presenting their versio of the play is Millais school in Horsham, West Sussex. Their students have been working hard to create their own take on the play and have been preparing to perform not only at the school but at the Minerva Theatre in Chichester. I spoke to the director Mrs Sykes, and asked how important it is that opportunities like this take place for students. She said "It’s important as it gives students a chance to creative freedom over their piece. With this play we have cast it so it’s not just people who take drama out of school or who have usually had parts in musicals at the school. Another really important aspect of this production for Millais school has been to give the students the creative freedom to almost devise this piece together using their own ideas either than having teachers making the decisions for them."

I think projects like this are really important as it engages students in devising their own play and gives them chance to showcase their acting skills. Also it gives different people the chance to be involved in drama even if they can’t sing and dance which is often needed in most school productions.