Everything Prom

On Friday 26th January, Millais school held an event called Everything Prom, which is thrown every year for the girls at Millais to get ready for prom. There were male and female models. The girls went to dress fittings and got to wear two stunning dresses that night as they walked around modelling them. There were also stools where different businesses did prom things like flowers, dresses, makeup, hair and photography. It helps teens get an idea of what they want for their big night.

Why is prom such a big night? It was originally created as a first adult social event for teenagers and just an end of year dance for the leaving year as they enter the real world. It's a chance to look pretty and have fun with your friends.

But why do we spend so much money on it? On average, it is said that teenagers going to prom can spend anywhere between £100 - £400 for a dress. If you add the shoes and the bag plus the makeup artist (which is optional) and the hair stylist (again optional) that can add up just around £1000. That's a crazy amount of money for one night.

My sister, who went to prom in 2015, spent £400 on a dress and she hasn't worn it since. So why do we do it? Just to look pretty? It's crazy. This is why it shouldn't be frowned upon if you get a cheaper dress that only cost £20 online because at least they are saving money than splashing it out on a dress or a tuxedo.