Worthing’s Aquarena swimming pool, which was built in the 1960s and closed in 2013, has been demolished after 5 years of being a derelict site. Splashpoint Leisure Centre, a recent 2013 build, stands boldly next to the land where the Aquarena once crumbled.

The Aquarena suffered major structural defects in the concrete roof and support beams, discovered in 1977. This lead to temporary closures and cost £3 million to repair due to the building’s structure having to be virtually rebuilt, which was completed in 1982.

After five years of abandonment and emptiness, the Aquarena has finally been demolished in February 2018. All that is left of the swimming pool is piles of rubble and memories that have been shared there.

Plans for the site after the demolition include 141 new homes, as well as a 15-storey tower and a seafront cafe block. Open spaces for the public are also going to be introduced to the site. Roffey Homes have been sold the site in September 2017, shortly before the Aquarena’s demolition began.

Roffey Homes quotes that the development should be “finished by 2020”.