This past week I have had the pleasure of talking to Madison Maybank, one of 8 volunteers and students of Oriel High School who hope to venture to Swaziland to help build a HIV clinic later this year. Their goal is to raise enough money to carry them to Swaziland in order to meet the locals and learn about how they can make a difference.

According to the CDC global health website, Swaziland has the “highest prevalence rate of HIV-infected adults” and as of a 2016 study, 27.2% of adults had been infected by HIV. By building a clinic, their hope is to help maintain and care for all who suffer with HIV as well as to educate and offer support when diagnosed. The completion of the new clinic will have a considerable affect on the residents as 80% are also co-infected with TB. 

To help raise funds, cake sales and car washes have been hosted within school grounds to raise awareness. By also being sponsored to cycle the perimeter of Swaziland between the 8 of them, they hope to raise enough money to send them to Swaziland from July the 8th until the 21st accompanied by two members of staff. This summer they plan to continue the fundraising by taking part in along side the school in a colour run where both students and teachers can enter and pay a small contribution to help them reach their overall target. 

“Not only is it beneficial for us to be given a rare and enriching opportunity, but the HIV clinic will benefit the people of Swaziland” states Maybank. By making this small step, they hope that they can make a change in people’s lives. 

To learn more about the cause, and to donate please visit: