Worthing High School fly to Berlin for History trip.

Last month, a local school flew out to Berlin to study Nazi Germany and the Cold War. I spoke to the head of history Mrs Grindel to find out more.

Worthing High’s year 10 and 11 students have been, or soon will be, studying Nazi and Weimar Germany and the Cold War and to further their understanding of the topics the school took some students to Berlin. This also gave the students time to let their hair down and be themselves, and Mrs Grindel, head of history at Worthing High, says “you can relax more” on the trip around the kids and be yourself.

On the trip they went all over Berlin, from Sachsenhausen concentration camp to AlexanderPlatz shopping, and the city is a real mishmash of historical buildings, with Imperial houses and parks lined next to modernised malls and old Nazi headquarters. Mrs Grindel said that it’s a city that “covers so many different periods of history” and said that “its just a very vibrant, exciting city”, summing up how the students felt walking around this incredible city. They used mostly public transport to get around the city and Mrs Grindel thinks “it gives students a real insight” and makes them feel confident that they can do the same should they ever travel.

I spoke to one of the students who went on the trip, and he said that “it was so interesting, and really helped my learning” while it was also “amazing fun, and an experience I will never forget. And that is what Mrs Grindel wants the kids to get from the trips. When asked what was the best part of the trip for her, she said, “it’s seeing the students get so much out of it” and that “it’s been meaningful on so many levels”. And really, that’s what matters.

Josh Farley