The white Christmas we all dreamed for seemingly got the wrong date and has arrived a little late with a white blanket of snow covering the rolling hills of Sussex on Tuesday. More is to come this week with continued heavy snowfall on Thursday and light snow continuing later into the week with over 12 hours expected on Thursday and widespread, county-wide disruption to continue till the weekend.

‘It’s like a Christmas come late’ and ‘it’s the first snow I’ve ever seen’ were commonly occurring phrases heard all over the Lancing College campus this week as was snowball fighting after breakfast and sledding on dinner trays after Lunch was a well occourance out of lessons.

The snow is causing disruption all over Sussex with school closing, roads being treacherous and a yellow weather warming looming over our heads for the majority of the week. However this hasn’t stopped people committing to usual activities with many seen swimming off the beaches around Brighton and Hove, crazy!

“I’m used to 25-30 degrees centigrade not Fahrenheit!” – Another common phrase heard around the college, home too many from countries that’s climate rarely dips below 20 degrees centigrade.

The weather front is set in for the week now with the warnings from the met office extended to Saturday with major warnings of more snow and very icy conditions on roads and paths. Train and bus services were, and our expected to still be, heavily disrupted going forward in the week due to the snowfall and cold and icy conditions. Be careful out there.

Harry Fisher

Lancing College