Many of us from across the globe listen to music daily. It has a big impact on our society and catches the interest of all kinds of people. With current technology it makes it even easier to listen to our favourite tunes.

Not only is music enjoyable, but it is actually beneficial to our health in many ways. For example:


When we exercise it is easy to focus on the pain of working out for a long period of time and it makes it harder for us to carry on however, if we listen to music while exercising, it distracts us from this discomfort and we are left in a good mood from our high tempo tunes (plus feeling good because we actually exercised)



If you are ever finding it hard to calm down from stress or you simply just want to lighten your mood, then listening to music will do just the trick. Studies have shown that listening to music releases endorphins (feel good hormones)


Health issues

It has been proven that music can help improve blood pressure levels and help cancer and heart disease patients improve their well-being. As well as reducing anxiety and depression.



You may struggle to get to sleep at night but if you play music it has been proven to create more restful sleeps and better sleep patterns, so you can wake up feeling energised and maybe play some more music to make you feel even more energised?


 No matter what life problems hit you, there is bound to be a song to fix it.