Superorganism at The Haunt

By Amelia Blakey

The Argus:

Superorganism are made up of the members of indie rock band The Everson’s, in 2015 they decided to form a new band with Orono, a student from Maine who loved their music and had been talking to them online and sharing demos with the band. They then decided to create a new project called Superorganism and became housemates as well as bandmates.

After the song “Something For Your Mind” materialised on the internet the band managed to get a record deal with Domino records who have deals with bands such as Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, and more recently with (Sandy) Alex G. Following two more singles “It’s All Good” and “Nobody Cares” the band then recently released their self-titled debut album.

It was on the tour of this album in which the band played two incredible sets in Brighton, an acoustic instore at Resident Records and a gig at the nightclub The Haunt on the Seafront. The best way to describe the band that walked onto stage at The Haunt is an art student project inspired by the power of the internet. Somehow this combines to create what can only be described as a set of meme-like characters. The stage had rectangular screens, on which scattered images flashed up and disappeared depicting a collision of the virtual world and the one that we live in.

Their music is both futuristic and retro with meandering synths and indie style guitars clashing with weird samples and sound effects. Before I saw them I expected them to be reliant on pre-recorded tracks and ready programmed synths, but what I actually saw was a group of extremely talented musicians creating a unique and ethereal sound that will not leave your mind for days.

The Argus:

What really struck me was the lead singers (Orono) attitude, she completely commanded the audience in a punk like style, despite her young age. She verbally took down a group of drunken hecklers, like no other singer I have ever seen. She captivated the audience with her still and constant vocals that contrasted with the chaos of their music.

I can honestly say that Superorganism are one of the most exciting new bands around.