Local entrepreneur goes from strength to strength ... At just 16 years old, Harry Daymond from Horsham, set up ‘Kart Kompany’. It supplies sweets, creative crafts and drinks from vintage carts for wedding, parties, social and corporate events.  Moreover, Harry’s business acumen has been recognised in competitions, too.

What inspired you to start ‘Kart Kompany’?

Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to do something in business. My actual inspiration for the ‘Kart Kompany’ was at a wedding in 2014. In the corner, a table was set up with bowls of sweets and I noticed a vast amount of interest from people of all ages. I wanted to develop that idea and make it my own, so I went home and did my research. Then, every weekend for six months, my Grandpa and I designed and hand built a fully collapsible vintage cart in his garage.  My Grandma then helped me to accessorise the cart.

What services do you offer?

So, I offer different services from my carts. ‘Kandy Kart’ is the first service I started. It offers a variety of vintage sweets, like flying saucers, pear drops and shrimps. I’ve attended all sort of events such as weddings, birthday parties and a couple of charity events at Chichester Marina.  However, the carts can be used for anything that is events based.

What was your first event?

My debut was a family wedding, in 2015, when I was sixteen. It was quite a day to remember.

How have you developed your Kart services?

I now own four carts and offer more services.  ‘Kraft Kart’ keeps kids entertained at weddings and parties.  It offers a selection of creative crafts which is set up for a couple of hours, so parents can focus on the day.  I’m also trialling ‘Kocktail Kart’ serving cocktails.

Tell me about the competitions you’ve been involved in and the awards you have won?

Recently, in the EY Entrepreneur competition (sponsored by the Tab National), I was shortlisted in the top ten young student entrepreneurs in the UK.  There was strong competition and, whilst I didn’t win, it was an invaluable experience and interesting to see what people my age had done with their business.

I was lucky enough to win the Young Start-up Talent Initiative (2017) for the Gatwick Diamond area. I went through various rounds and made pitches to judges.  It was tough as I had to manage ‘A’ level deadlines, too. However, it was a chance to win £50,000 worth of business support (like PR, printing and banking).

In 2017, I was also awarded the Business Prize for Entrepreneurship from The College of Richard Collyer.

What do you enjoy about your business?

I enjoy working with my customers to make their day as special as I can. Also, the possibilities of what I can offer from the carts are endless.

     For more information on Harry’s business www.kartkompany.co.uk