Argus Article, 8 St. George’s festival.

Spring has sprung and so has Crawley with it’s annual St.George’s Day festival. The Patron Saint’s holiday honors the anniversary of his death and is celebrated all over the UK with food, theatre productions and the history behind the holiday. 

This year, the parade took place on the 22nd of April and was a huge success. With a variety of food stalls and workshops for the public to take part in, The Historical High Street was packed with entertaining activities for all to enjoy. This Is My Theatre performed ‘George and The Dragon’ in Queen’s Square and The Scouts St George’s service took place early in the afternoon. 

Not only is St. George’s Day celebrated annually around the UK but it’s a lesson into the history of the UK and it’s traditional values. St. George was a Roman solider who refused to go against his Christian values and persecute innocent people and was executed for his beliefs. As well as this, stories say that he bravely fought a dragon and rescued a princess and is a popular story told in schools across the country. He was declared a saint after his death and on this day, we celebrate his bravery. 

Many schools, businesses and families took part in the annual parade and thanks to donations by The Crawley Borough Council, the celebration was a big hit. Cabinet Member For Planning and Economic Development, Peter Smith expressed that “It’s thanks to Crawley Borough Council’s increased investment in events that we are able to put on such spectacular gatherings.” (

Judging by this year’s standards, next year’s parade should be one to remember. 

By Mhari Grace, Oriel High School