On the 23rd of March 2018, the whole of Steyning Grammar school took part in Sports Relief. Sports Relief took part nationally from the 17th-23rd of March, raising money to help support those living with mental health issues and provide lifesaving maternal healthcare for mothers and babies. Also helping those at risk of trafficking or domestic violence and helping to end the global fight to end malaria. Hundreds of schools, youth clubs, companies and people got involved to help raise money. Nationally over £38,195,278 has been raised to help support those vulnerable around the world.

Steyning Grammar dedicated the day to raise money for this amazing charity. Various events happened through out the day. From the year 12 boys football team auctioning off their legs to be waxed, to netball matches. There was a whole array of events to help raise money. One person from the year 12 football teams leg got auctioned for over £60.

One person who took part in the day, who does not want to be named said, “the whole day was a lot of fun and it was hilarious to see the boys getting their legs waxed. Everyone was all dressed up in non-school uniform and it was a laugh to see some of my friends dressed up in silly sports gear.” Overall Steyning Grammar raised over £3373 for Sports Relief which is a huge achievement.

To conclude, the whole day was a thoroughly enjoyable and fun. With some different ideas which made the day even more enjoyable.

Lucy Robinson - Steyning Grammar School