THE horrific news of bricks being thrown through Lib Dem supporters’ windows in Lewes is a sad sign of the times.

The fact people feel the need to act violently on their political beliefs and actively try to silence the opposition is reprehensible and just goes to show the damage the Brexit debate has caused to national unity.

Political violence on all sides is unacceptable and the fact even a small poster could provoke an act suggests very childish behaviour on the part of the attackers.

Though it can be easy to get caught up in the dramatic, almost war-like rhetoric of politicians, it is important to remember we still have a lot in common with each other. Violent acts like this will only divide us.

Of course, Brexit is a massive issue that will potentially shape the future of our country for decades, not only internally but also on the international stage. Naturally, this provokes a lot of debate and it is heartening to see more people becoming involved in politics.

But whether we leave tomorrow or ultimately decide to remain, this violence and hateful rhetoric cannot go on. How can we ever hope to reconcile our differences when every day we are demonising others and being demonised ourselves?

The murder of Jo Cox MP in 2016 by a far-right fascist shows just how damaging these high-tension periods can be. Let us make sure nothing of the sort ever happens again.

Engage in debate and always go into political discussions with an open mind. There is always a person on the other end, just like you, and there will always be something to agree on.