MICHELLE Fox’s garden trouble with the animals of her namesake creates an interesting dilemma for Brighton residents.

The destruction caused to her back yard by the foxes, as documented on Page 3, is evident and would annoy any homeowner.

And though some would say it is nice to see the natural world coexisting with our city, which can sometimes be grey and dull, it is undeniable that our furry friends can sometimes be a nuisance.

But it is important to remember the reasons why foxes come to our streets and gardens in the first place.

Animals may be complex things, but if there is one thing that is most important to them, it is food.

And where can they get this food very easily? Of course it is the streets where so many of us choose to dump our scraps and leftovers rather than putting them into the bin.

Granted, the fact that many bins in our city are overflowing is not the fault of the residents, so it is important to say that proper rubbish collection goes a long way to deterring foxes and other animals appearing on our streets.

But ultimately it is not the fault of these critters that we make life easy for them by dropping our food on the floor.

Though it is best not to waste any food, considering so much of it is wastefully thrown away every year, do not just drop it on the floor if you are finished.

Even better, composting uneaten food means hungry foxes cannot get to it and you can reuse it for a better purpose.

It is up to you whether you like wild animals in our neighbourhoods, but we should all agree littering must stop.