IT IS ridiculous how much rubbish has piled up on our seafront in recent weeks.

The fact that Brighton and Hove City Council litter pickers collected 23 tonnes of rubbish over the weekend shows beachgoers are becoming very inconsiderate of the natural beauty of our beaches.

With many issues, especially at times overwhelming ones like climate change, it is easy to point the finger at others and say “I’ve done my part”.

And yes, it is also true that there are many issues we can feel powerless to take action on.

But it is our collective responsibility to take care of the beautiful beaches we enjoy every day, so we all need to crack down on littering.

Not only is it horribly unhygienic and ugly to have rubbish piling up on our seafront, but the abundance of litter has destructive consequences for wildlife and the sea.

As Adam Trimingham said in today’s column, it is vital that we all ensure we properly dispose of our rubbish, or else take it home if the public bins are full.

It may be inconvenient, but having to walk a few extra minutes to find another bin is far better than leaving rubbish to rot on our seafront.

Now that the council has listened and is providing an extra 300 bins on our seafront, it is time we took responsibility and act on our words.

If you see litter on the ground, pick it up and get rid of it. It may not be your job, but it will have a big impact on our beaches.

Do not be afraid to tell others to pick up their litter too if you see them drop it. It is our responsibility to ensure our city is clean and healthy, not blighted by rubbish.