REPORTS from the United Nations that parts of a bomb which hit a non-military target in Yemen were produced in Brighton are very concerning.

Our city is a peace-loving one, as Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle said, so it is sad news to hear a Brighton company is involved in such action overseas.

The UN report said the bomb attack on a water pump factory in Yemen “violated international humanitarian law”.

The war in the Middle Eastern country, between Houthi rebels and Saudi-backed government forces, has killed tens of thousands.

The UN has labelled the war a humanitarian crisis.

It is a shameful stain on our city that we have contributed to this, even if it is something as small as a serial number on a bomb part traced back to Brighton.

Although it is too late for anyone to prevent the factory attack, we can per haps take some solace from the fact that no one was killed in the bombing.

We are a diverse city of pride and acceptance, so no doubt many residents will be concerned about our link to the terrible humanitarian crisis occurring in the Middle Eastern country.

We are not a city of bombs and violence.

Although there are many things in Brighton that could and should improve, being generally accepting of others is something we are known for and proud of.

The yearly Pride parade in August is a celebration of that. That is our biggest influence on the world.

So let us hope our image is not tainted by news of the city’s link the attack.