THE Saturday Argus’s front page, "We’re not Blue", can be taken many ways, but we all must come to except that the UK is solely in the Tories' hands.

Yet we still must have a good opposition party that can act the way the people would want them to represent them.

Peter Kyle was not totally enthralled with Jeremy Corbyn as leader of Labour, and was threatened to be deselected by the far-left-wing of Labour, Momentum.

Many people in Britain would like to see a better system for Labour to select a new leader, mainly from those MPs that retained their seats that will get behind and support their leader when it really matters, as it appears that the far-left-wing had taken control over Labour’s executive.

It is more than obvious that far-right and far-left policies frighten the people, so Labour must select a leader, male or female, that are more centrist to get the trust from the majority.

Peter Kyle could be a good example, he has the right qualities for that position.

But I still believe that Lloyd Russell-Moyle has to grow up.

He cannot be taken seriously if he believes anyone being a millionaire is a bad person.

With the way house prices are rising, everyone will have to be a millionaire to be able to purchase a house in Brighton and Hove.

His speech after the election was to erratic and not diplomatic.

He must look how those who voted for the Tories in East Brighton have to accept that he won, hoping he will grow into his position and do the job he was elected to do for all the people in his constituency, and stop acting like a petulant schoolboy.

We who live in East Brighton are not all LGBT or university students.

Spencer Carvil, Egginton Road, Moulsecoomb