YOUR article on houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) on Wednesday, June 10 (Student homes are ‘out of control’) falsely claims that there are no controls in creating student houses in parts of Brighton.

Over two years ago, the council introduced planning controls on HMOs in response to residents’ concerns.

In all the streets mentioned in the article, there have been no planning approvals for HMOs in over two years, and a number of applications have been refused.

It is important to make clear that there are two ways to manage houses of multiple occupation in five specific wards of our city: through planning, and through licensing.

Firstly, through planning, we ensure that the concentration of HMOs is kept in check by controlling new HMOs.

Secondly, through licensing, we ensure that landlords who run HMOs are properly licensed and that the properties meet safety standards.

If residents suspect that a property is unauthorised, let the council know and the enforcement teams will investigate.

The newly elected Labour administration is committed to ensuring the city strikes the right balance between HMOs and long-term residents.

There are clear regulations that make us able to ensure that neighbourhoods will maintain their residential characteristics and that Brighton and Hove remains a vibrant city in which we all live and work.

Councillor Anne Meadows, chairwoman of the Housing and New Homes Committee at Brighton and Hove City Council