As you'd expect from a band who've performed in a cave in Cornwall, the Chelsea Flower Show and the country's highest pub - as well as recording a new soundtrack for the 1934 film Man Of Aran, which chronicled life off the west coast of Ireland - British Sea Power really understand the importance of location. Singer/guitarist Yan (aka Scott Wilkinson) reveals why he's happy to be a Man Of Brighton...

What's the best Brighton music venue? I like The Hope. It used to be The Lift and we played our first proper shows there. It's only little, so you have more chance of something original happening. Good things still go on there. The Duke Of York's is good, too.

What's your favourite building? The burnt, crumbling pier. I'd like to live on it.

Where's the best place to eat? The Sopar Thai restaurant on Upper St James Steet in Kemptown. Great food and it has a lovely man with a great cocktail-stick dispenser.

What's your favourite view? From a bench up in the cemetery along from Elm Grove, across all of Brighton.

What's the most inspiring thing about Brighton and what do you miss most when you're away? Pheasants and Marmite. Not together, but an alive pheasant and Marmite on toast. Pheasants are funny.

Is there any one thing you'd like to change about the city? I'd have a weekly frumpy day, where people are encouraged to go about their normal business, but dressed in sexless, sack-like fashions. It would be a wholesome day of stupidity and no one would be allowed to dress up fancy. It would be good for everyone. Drinking and games would be especially encouraged.

Where's the best place to shop? Cash Converters.

An ideal day/night out in Brighton? Probably a bit of charity work, save some animals, have a full breakfast, down with the liquid acid for a knockabout in the park, then go dancing until I meet a lady of the night...

Who's your favourite historical or contemporary Brightonian? Chris Eubank.

And is there a hidden gem we should all know about? Mike the plumber.

British Sea Power perform at Regents Park Open Air Theatre in London on 16th August. The Man Of Aran CD and DVD is out now on Rough Trade.